"We can not solve our problems with the same thinking we used

to create them." - Albert Einstein


Individuals seek therapy for a number of reasons. This may be because of certain struggles, problems or issues the individual has which have begun to impact negatively on aspects of their life. Other individuals may feel like there is no meaning or purpose to their life, or they could have a deep yearning for significant change.


Maybe you struggle with connecting to others, forming a close bond or achieving a deeper level of intimacy. Perhaps you are unsure of the reasons that prevent you from changing and maintaining change in areas of your life.


Some people want to access therapy before taking medication, or have therapy whilst taking medication. They may seek to understand the root causes of their struggle rather than relying on the symptom relief that medication offers. Medication is needed in certain situations and does ease symptoms relating to distress but it does not fix or remove the underlying triggers and causes, whereas therapy can help you to identify and address them.

Why do people enter therapy?

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Freedom does not mean you can do whatever you want, when ever you want, it means to do what you believe is right. Freedom connects with what you are expressing without any bond or restriction in ones mind, being true to yourself at the highest degree without feeling guilty.

Hope isn't a warm, fuzzy emotion or the feeling of possibility, hope is a thinking or a cognitive thought process. Emotions play a part but hope is created when we set realistic goals, figure out how to achieve these goals, and the belief in ourselves to complete these goals. Hope is learned!

Psychological healing is becoming aware of ones true self and out growing conventional and superficial ways of thinking, to attain a trans-personal state of mind. This creates a space for individuals to update there authentic identity and re-adjust their personality.

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