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Richard Van-Loon

Richard is a fully qualified practitioner of psychotherapy.  He has been counselling since 2010 and delivers sessions throughout the Cheshire area.






Unit 9C, Business Park, Holmes Chapel,

Cheshire, CH4 8AF.



After overcoming many personal issues from my youth such as abandonment and depression, I began my journey of personal development in 2006 by enrolling on a psychology diploma.


Having successfully studied psychology I started a BA honours degree in Addiction Counselling at ‘Action on Addiction’ while working as a therapist in Liverpool.  Upon completing my degree I worked towards a full accreditation membership of FDAP (Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals) and now hold a National Counsellor Accreditation Certificate (NCAC).


I have worked since 2010 as a therapist in the addiction profession and currently work with individuals on a wide range of other personal difficulties. I work part time as a therapist at a local private residential treatment centre and mental health hospital and continue to develop my private practice in the Cheshire area.

About Richard

"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.  Who looks outside, dreams.  Who looks inside, awakens." - Albert Einstein

Recent reviews for rethink therapy


From my initial meeting with Richard I found him intuitive about what I have needed from my sessions and realistic about how this would be achieved. He has been challenging in the right amounts and empathic when needed.


I found Richard to be highly knowledgeable in his field and he took the time explore my expectations and to explain what the process would involve.

He encourages learning outside sessions including advice about what literature to read that will help on your personal road of recovery, whatever that maybe.


I have found Richard to be very professional and would highly recommend him.




I have worked as a therapist with Richard and have observed him deliver therapy to a wide range of complex individuals in a professional manner.


I have found Richard to be experienced in the field of psychotherapy, and has demonstrated a wide range of knowledge and skills when working together or individually.


My experience of Richard is that he is tentative and in tune with clients difficulties. I have found him to be very empathetic and sensitive towards clients, and at the same time able to hold his own boundaries.


I find Richard to have great insight to peoples thoughts and feeling, which at times clients may not be aware of at times. He has an ability to be vulnerable and share his own experience with the aim of empowering people towards making positive changes.


I would highly recommend Richard.


Sam, therapist.


If you want results Richard is your therapist. He is straight to the point and challenges you. I have had therapy in the past but must admit working with Richard has made me open my eyes more to my truth. He makes you look closely at yourself but is caring at the same time. I noticed a difference from our first session. Highly recommend Richard if you want to get a deep understanding of yourself.



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