"Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life."

- Shannon L. Alder

Frequently Asked Questions


Individuals seek therapy for a number of reasons. This may be because of certain struggles, problems or issues the individual has which have begun to impact negatively on aspects of their life. Other individuals may feel like there is no meaning or purpose to their life, or they could have a deep yearning for significant change.


Maybe you struggle with connecting to others, forming a close bond or achieving a deeper level of intimacy. Perhaps you are unsure of the reasons that prevent you from changing and maintaining change in areas of your life.


Some people want to access therapy before taking medication, or have therapy whilst taking medication. They may seek to understand the root causes of their struggle rather than relying on the symptom relief that medication offers. Medication is needed in certain situations and does ease symptoms relating to distress but does not fix or remove the underlying triggers and causes, whereas therapy can help you address them.


"Faith is taking the first step even though

you don't see the whole staircase."

- Martin Luther King

Why do people enter therapy?


Therapy can help by exploring your particular struggle and/or behaviour. It can uncover patterns within families and clarify dynamics within your relationships with yourself and others. These are things that the individual is not conscious of and need help to be able to see.


It is a safe place to express your feelings, your experiences and your thoughts that you have been unable to or are unwilling to share with friends or family.


The main purpose is to deepen self awareness and uncover the root of your emotional and mental difficulty. You will learn skills that enable you to transform and make positive changes within your life.

What are the benefits offered by therapy?


Every therapist is different but there are similarities to how sessions are structured and normally sessions last about an hour a week but this can vary according to an individual’s specific needs. However, I can offer a more intensive therapy that can be arranged if requested.


I will provide a partnership where both client and myself will collaboratively work together to explore and gain an understanding of the reasons a person enter therapy, and work towards a healing process.


Therapy will not always feel pleasant due to exploring uncomfortable emotions and past experiences that were painful, which is a common process in therapy sessions. The role I offer as a therapist is to guide you at times and explore aspects of your process in a different way.

Therapy is an environment where you will feel safe to share your feelings and be challenged in a constructive way. My intention is to empower clients with the awareness and skills to make changes that the client feels happy with.


"The mind is everything, what you think, you become." - Buddha

What to expect from therapy?

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